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Mental Health Awareness & Wellness Mission

About Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock & Her Mission for Global Mental Health Awareness:

Dr. Princess Fumi Stephanie Hancock is a Behavioral Health Specialist with a DNP  (Doctor of Nurse Practice) specializing in Psychiatric-Mental Health. She also holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Communications and advanced degree in Writing for the Media Arts (TV/Films).

While living in New York & New Jersey in the late 1980’s, she implemented several programs for women and children with many Social Service Agencies, including the New York City Welfare Administration.  Her programs ranged from foster care, adoption, to second chance homes for pregnant teenagers, programs for battered women & the aged.

Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock started her career in the Mental Health field as a Social Worker & Social-conscious Writer (focusing on social welfare). Due to her frustration of not being able to provide a holistic care for her patients, who come to her with multiple diagnoses and the harsh confrontation met while writing within the confinements of New York City, Staten Island, New Jersey, and California, she resigned as the President of an Health Care Agency and headed for Nursing school.

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She has since graduation spent most of her time serving the Veteran population at a Veteran Hospital in Los Angeles. This experience exposed her to various aspects of psychiatry: from patients with PTSD (returning from war), Major Depressive Disorder, Schizophrenia, and Eating Disorders~ all coming to her with dual diagnoses (i.e. Medical complications). Her advanced nursing degree dissertation focused on the Use of Mobile Application as an adjunct treatment for female patients with Anorexia Nervosa who are from communities where mental illness is regarded as taboo while for her advanced communication arts degree, she wrote a feature film called “The Royal Bird”, a story which was an expose of some social ills within the African communities. The screenplay was auctioned to one of the largest TV Network in Africa, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

She continues to provide cutting edge solutions & exposés (through her Books, TV Show, Radio Show, Seminars/Conferences, Documentaries/Feature Films & Online Courses) caring for those with mental illness. But most importantly, she has been able to find a middle ground between her love of writing, making films, and her expertise in mental health.  She accomplishes all of these through her documentaries and feature films, which feature characters who provide insight into the issues surrounding mental illness in our society.

Dr. Princess Fumi S Hancock (a.k.a. The Princess of Suburbia®) is scheduled for a cross-country (USA, EUROPE, AFRICA) Mental Health Awareness & Wellness Tour in 2016 where she will unveil yet again another Personal Development & Inspirational Book in the Vision Series. Stay tuned for details on the cities she will be touring and more information on her upcoming documentary~ featuring stories of 8 Extraordinary who have endured extraordinary circumstances and her sharing to heal others.

She is a member of the following organizations: International Society of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse, American Psychiatric Nurses Association, National Speakers Association, Women Speakers Association, Nashville Women in Films, International Women’s Writing Guild, Romance Writers of America. 2015 in Hollywood California, Dr. Fumi Hancock is receiving a prestigious honorary award by the Nollywood Film Critic Organization (NAFCA) alongside a Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Wole Soyinka, for her contribution to Literary Arts globally (see formal letter).

Notable Awards:

NAFCA “African Oscar” Winning Screenwriter
Indiefest Films Merit Award Winner~ Women in Films
Accolade Global Films Merit Award Winner ~ Women in Films
Dept. of Field International Films Award~ Excellence in Films
African Heritage Award Winner~ Leadership, Writing, & Philanthropic Work
Dove Foundation regarded her latest movie, Of Sentimental Value~ Family approved and recommended for all ages to watch: http://www.ofsentimentalvaluemovie.com

She has published numerous articles (as a Mental Health Columnist for the New American Times) and has been widely interviewed in newspapers, on radio shows, and television shows on various aspects of Mental Health Awareness, Her writings, and Her Film making.

She has her own TV show, The Princess in Suburbia® Lifestyle TV Show  (http://www.princessinsuburbia.com) which has been nominated twice for the NAFCA African Oscar Award show. It is currently being aired on Comcast, Michigan and ROKU/Nashville Broadcasting Network.

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock teaches and appeals to both Secular and Christian audiences worldwide, skillfully connecting psychiatry to emotional, spiritual, transformative intelligence. She presents mental health & social issues in practical ways mainly through her camera lens and often invites her audience to share in the stories presented at her conferences.

She speaks on diverse topics relating to Psychiatric-Mental Health, Personal Development, Writing for the Media: TV/Films

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